Winning the Quiz to Win Game Attractive Rewards, Find out the rules and conditions.

Quiz to Win This application does not only help you to improve your personality, but it helps you get more number of scores in school, college and competitive exams. Check out your knowledge with fun and free online games and enjoy interesting prizes every month by participating in Quiz to Win. Through which you can use English, Hindi and Bengali language: geography, science, history and other fields of interest. Thousands quiz questions can be learned and learned in more than one subject.

How to Download Quiz to Win App and Create Account.

You can easily download Quiz to Win app from Google Play Store. When the download is complete, open the quiz to win application. Here you can login using either Google or Facebook account. “Please refrain from creating more than one account.” When the login is complete, first go to your profile and serve your name and your mobile number. You can download Quiz to Win app by clicking on the download button below.

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How many winners will be rewarded each month and what rewards.

We award a few winners every month and it changes every month.  Click the “Quiz to Win” application to find out how many winners will get the prize money and how much will be the dollar prize, and click on the profile> terms of service and you will see how much we will award the winners to this month and what amount.  You can check the number of winners each month and the amount of reward can be less than that. So you check it every month.

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What is the Leader Board and how does it work.

The Leader Board, where the lowest point score member list is shown from the highest point scorer.  Those who will be the highest point scorers of the month, they will be declared winners.  So if you want to win, you will have to play more quizzes and be one of the highest point scorers by increasing point-points.

How can you get your reward if you are a winning member list.

We emailed every winning member within 1 to 3 months of every month, how much he has won and won the prize. And we ask him what he wants to get his prize like: Google gift card, Paypal, Bangladesh can be just a development or rocket. We try to reward them in the same manner as the winning member shows interest in receiving the response to email. Here, we publish one page per month on our Facebook page in the winning member list. Our Facebook Page: Easy Earning Group.

How can I make more points and be the winner?

You have to play the more quiz games that will be the winner.  You will get 10 questions each level and get 5 points for the correct answer on each question and for the wrong answer – 2 points and you will have to answer the minimum 7 questions at least 10 questions in order to overcome every level.  So get more points with more accurate answers and win winner prize.

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Some of your general questions and answers are:

Q: How can I win if I am new and everyone has 5-10 thousand + and 0 days and a few days left?
Answer: All points are 1 on every month and everybody has to win the quiz from the first one, so you should learn and play Quiz this month and try to win the game better than 1.

Q: What is the job of showing a quote on our profile?  What can I do with that quote?  And how to get that point?
Answer: When you play quiz games, you will see a few buttons in the answer to the question that you can give your questions more easily with the help of buttons, for which you will need a quote and you will receive 2-3-4 points for every label and the answer is below  If you have a dollar log button by clicking on it, you can see a little video of 4 pub.

Use of Coins and Buttons

  • Clicking the number 1 will remove 2 answers from 4 to the answer and 2 will be answered, in which one is correct.
  • Clicking the number 2 will skip a question, so you will not have to answer the question.
  • Clicking the number 3 will show an audience survey that will help you.understand where the correct answer is.
  • Clicking the 4th button will give you more time to answer, due to which you can give the correct answer.

Quiz To Win Terms:

  • A review of the quiz to win application in Google Play Store.
  • Quiz to Win Official Facebook page will have a liking.
  • Quiz to Win official YouTube channel will be subscribed.
  • Clearing the Data for Quiz to Win Application will clear one month.
  • More than one account can not be created on one phone.

Contact us.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at [email protected]


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